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•Can pitch, screen, or throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage.

• Can lateral behind the line twice.

•Can jump but not over or into another player.

• After 3 seconds anyone can rush the QB.

•2 blitzes per half at the line scrimmage with no 3 second rule in effect.

• 2 TO per half.

•Last minute Pro clock time stoppage during out of bounds or incomplete pass.

• Only run zone is at the 5-yard. No midfield

• Onside play in effect ONLY 1 minute left in the game and if the losing team is down by 18pts or less. They will get 1 play from the 5-yard line to convert past midfield/50-yard line. If offense doesn’t convert the opposing team receives the ball at the 50-yard line/midfield.

•On the throw off the receiving team can lateral only 1 time

Throw off

15/16U – goal line (girls 5 yd line)

13/14u – 5 yd line (girls 10 yd line)

11/12U – 10 yd line (girls 15 yd line)

9/10U – 15 yd line (girls half way line)

7/8U – Halfway line (girls no throw off)

6U – NO THROW OFF receives ball at the 5-yardline

•Onside play= Start at 5 must pass midfield or turnover at 50 yd line.

•6 second QB clock

•QB can run any time defense crosses L.O.S

•4th down punt option, defense receives the ball at their 5-yard line

•One lateral per team per play on offense.

•TD based where the nose of the ball is when the defense pulls the flag.

•Conversion points 5 yds-1 pt, 10 yds-2 pts, 15 yds-3 pts

•Conversion penalties. Offense = dead ball defense = auto first from 2 yard


28 pt mercy

Offensive Penalties

Blocking = LOD and any yardage gained

Charging = LOD and any yardage gained

Diving = Spot foul where dive begins.

False Start = dead ball, replay down. LOS

Flag delay = unsportsmanlike conduct

Flag guarding = Spot foul. Loss of down

Illegal contact by offense/forward pass= LOD and any yardage gained

Illegal lateral = ends play. If backwards spot foul. If forwards spot where ball was released

Illegal QB run = LOD and yardage gained

Roughing the QB = free play

Missing flag/Early pull = defense 1 hand touch

Moving pick = LOD and any yardage gained

Offensive pass interference = Egregious. Possession awarded to defense spot foul

Untucked Shirt/ unaligned flags = warning before play, one hand touch after snap

Defensive Penalties

Defensive holding = auto 1st down. Spot foul

Defensive pass interference = auto 1st down spot foul. In end zone = first down at 1-yard line or L.O.S (whichever closer) A force out of endzone = auto TD

Early Pull = Ref announces, play continues, defense touch player with one hand

Encroachment = Free play. If play accepted defense loses a blitz

Roughing the passer = auto 1st down.

Tackling a free runner = player will miss 3 plays, or 1 player if deemed accidental.

Tackling = not deemed to score if wasn’t tackled. First down and any yardage awarded. Previous spot if yardage lost. On throw off/punt free down to start next set of downs (5 downs)

Too many men = offense = L.O.D and dead ball defense = free play. Offense can accept or replay

Unsportsmanlike conduct =

1st) player removed for 2 plays MANDOWN 2nd) ejection. And another player must sit for three

plays (2 players down). Can eject on first. Do not need a warning unsportsmanlike

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